BLOG | April 30, 2018

EUR/USD Analysis: April 30

EURUSD technical analyses for the Last week of April 2018

At the end of the 24th of April, 2018, the EURUSD pair illustrates a few bullish bias to test again the earlier broken down support line of the even triangle pattern, while the price is affected by positive stochastic, which loses its bullish price movement to perceptibly attain the overbought positions, which provides supports to the likelihood of rebuffing in a bearish direction to begin to move in a bearish trend with the target of mainly meeting the 1.2160 position, whereas holding underneath 1.2304 signifies key situations to keep moving in the anticipated downward movement.

The EURUSD end of the day analysis for 25th April 2018

The EURUSD pair attained our anticipated target of the 1.2160 position and stays at that level. The implication of this is that the price falls beneath negative pressure advancing by the EMA50, to maintain the likelihood valid to expand the bearish movement towards 1.2045 point which stands for the forthcoming correctional level, to maintain our bearish overview except the price struggled to breach 1.2304 and stays beyond that position.

The EURUSD end of the day analysis for the 26th of April, 2018

The EURUSD pair struggled to breach the 1.2160 position and the trade for the day underneath it. This offers support to the maintenance of the anticipations to broaden the bearish movement on the intraday and short-term basis and paves the way to meet the 1.2045 level which stands for our upcoming key target and signifying that staying underneath 1.2160 implies fulfilling the main condition to keep moving in the downward direction.

Technical summary

April 30, 2018 USD/EUR Buy Sell Chart

The EURUSD analysis of the 27th of April show that the pair confirms the breach

The EURUSD pair confirmed the breach of 1.2160 position after the close of the daily candlestick underneath it, strengthening the likelihood of maintaining the bearish trend in the forthcoming period, reminding us that our upcoming target is situated at 1.2045, which stands for the 50 percent Fibonacci correction level for the price increase from 1.1553 to 1.2536, which implies that breaking it will move the price towards 1.1929 direction.

Thus, the bearish bias was projected to continue throughout the day except the price succeeded to break 1.2160 level and stays on top of it.

The anticipated trading range for the day was between 1.2000 support and 1.2190 resistance. The trend for the day was anticipated to be bearish.


Midday update for EURUSD for the 27th of April, 2018

The EURUSD pair retraces its negative trading to attain our anticipated target at 1.2045, declining beneath the negative pattern’s effect that was earlier finished after breaking the 1.2160 position, which paves the way to broaden the bearish move to attain 1.1929 as a subsequent station.

Thus, we will keep suggesting the bearish trend for the remaining part of the day supported by the stability of price under 1.2160 level.

The anticipated trading range for the day is around 1.2000 support and 1.2190 resistance. The anticipated trend for the day is bearish.

April 30, 2018 USD/EUR ChartThe end of the day analysis for EURUSD on the 27th of April, 2018

The EURUSD pair rebuffed in a bullish direction after reaching our anticipated target at 1.2045, and it may move onward to test 1.2160 areas before bouncing back to move once more in a downward direction.

In so far as the price is underneath the 1.2160 level, our projection will continue to be in the bearish direction for the forthcoming trade sessions, signifying that the extended target is at 1.1929 level.

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