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Becoming a master of the Forex market takes steps and levels of knowledge to truly become the most successful trader you can be. Whether you are a beginner, advanced or an expert, there is no limit to the growth of knowledge and profits gained. From building a solid trading foundation to expert level strategies, there is a level for anyone to grow in the FREE Online Forex Trading University.


Looking to dive into the world of Forex, but not sure what steps to take to become a successful trader? No problem, Forex 101 has it covered! Eliminate the guesswork out of the equation and follow along with the tailor made education outline for beginners to build a strong foundation for trading success.

The Forex 101 education walks traders through every step of the journey from establishing a solid understanding of the Forex market structure, selecting a broker and finally building the confidence to open a trading account. Between key milestones, traders have the unique opportunity to discover tips and tricks from the experts, how to overcome myths of the trade and experience a day in the life of a Forex trader. Hit the ground running by taking advantage of everything Forex 101 has to offer, and become a successful trader in no time.

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As an advanced trader, the foundation and basics of trading the Forex have already been instilled. Now it is time to take the leap from good to great. The Forex education for advanced traders builds off of the basics to help enhance trades from standard to master level.

The Forex education for advanced traders applies knowledge gained from previous experience and stacks on mastery of day trading, using Forex market indicators and finally scaling trades through automation. Throughout the education, traders will gain invaluable experience with proprietary and intermediate trading as well as the fundamental of trading Forex futures. Take the next step to trading success and go from ordinary trades to extraordinary with education for advanced traders.

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Experts are in constant search of the next opportunity to enhance their knowledge, and in this case, remain a master of the trade. Forex education for expert traders helps bridge the gap between a trading expert and a knowledge champion of trading the Forex.

The Forex education for experts elevates trades to new heights by discovering the importance of using different analysis in trading such as Sentiment,Technical and Fundamental analysis. While going through the expert education, traders will break past their comfort zone and learn how to take advantage of different currency timeframes. Grow from an expert to an ongoing master trader with Forex education for expert traders.

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