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Account Account Balance Agent Aggregate Demand All or None Appreciation Arbitrage Ask Rate Ask Size Asset Allocation Back Office Balance Balance of Payments Base Currency Basis Basis Point Bear Bear Market Bid Bid/Ask Spread Big Figure Bonds Book Bretton Woods Accord of 1944 Broker Bull Bundesbank Cable Candlestick Chart Capital Markets Central Bank Chartist Clearing Close a Position (Position Squaring) Commission Confirmation Contagion Contract (Unit or Lot) Convertible Currency Cost of Carry Counter party Country Risk Credit Checking Credit Netting Cross Rates Currency Currency Risk Day Trading Dealer Deficit Delivery Deposit Depreciation Derivative Devaluation Economic Exposure Economic Indicator Efficient Market End Of Day Estimated Annual Income Euro European Central Bank Exchange Rate Risk Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Federal Reserve (Fed) Fixed Exchange Rate Fixed Interest Flat (or Square) Floating Rate Interest Foreign Exchange (or Forex or FX) Foreign Exchange Risk FOREX Forex Trader Forward Forward Rate Agreements (FRA’s) Front Office Futures GTC Hedge High/Low Inflation Initial Margin Interbank Rates Interest Rate Swaps (IRS) ISDA Leading Indicators LIBOR LIFFE Limit Order Liquid and Illiquid Markets Liquid Assets Liquidation Long Margin Margin Call Mark to Market Market Maker Market Risk Maturity Mine/Yours Money Markets Net Worth Offer Offsetting Transaction One Cancels Other Order (O.C.O. Order) Open Order Open Position Options Order Over The Counter (OTC) Overnight Pegging Pip (or Point) Political Risk Position Premium Price Transparency Quote Rate Re-purchase (or Repo) Realized Profit/Loss Resistance Revaluation Rates Risk Risk Capital Risk Management Rollover Settlement Short Position Short Selling Spot Spot Price Spread Sterling Stop Order Support Levels Swap Technical Analysis Tick Ticker Tomorrow Next (Tom/Next) Trading system Transaction Cost Transaction Date Turnover Two Way Price Uptick Uptick Rule US Prime Rate Value Date Variation Margin Volatility Warrants Whipsaw Yard